It is produced in the area around Montepulciano except southern Valdichiana. Only thanks to the special climate and geology of this small region we can obtain this high-quality wine. The best areas of production are Caggiole, Sanguineto, Gracciano and Cervognano, where sunny clay hills mix with sand.
Almost all these wines are suitable for a long maturing. The basic vine is gentle Prugnolo, that is a selection of Sangiovese Grosso on which all Tuscan wines are based. They add also black Lanaiolo, Chianti Malvasia, Tuscan Trebbiano.
During the grape harvest much attention is paid to the selection of the bunches: only the best ones are choosen to produce Vino Nobile. The other ones are used for Rosso di Montepulciano or table wine. This wine needs two years of maturing in durmast or chestnut barrels before the DOCG test and the following bottling. After three years it obtains the mark Riserva.

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