Gallo Nero is available in two different varieties: ordinary and Riserva. The first one is marked by the symbol of the black cock and red border, the second one by the original golden border. Ordinary Chianti Classico is relatively young and very fruity; it is marketed from June after the grape harvest. Riserva is a wine with a rich structure and suitable for a long maturing. It obtains this denomination only reaching an alcoholic content of 12,5 degrees and after about three years. It is a high-quality wine to which they reserve the best grapes developing polyphenols and noble tannins during their vinification. The result is a product with a complex structure, wide bouquet and balance between elegance and strength. Only during the best years, when grapes are completely matured, so laborate wines can be produced.
Chianti Classico includes many kinds of wines springing from different climates and clones, different systems of cultivation and wine-making. In particular, during this process we can obtain young and palatable products matching with soups and courses based on white and red meat and not too tasty. Riserva with its Sangiovese-vine structure is ideal for roast and braised beef, game and matured cheese.
This wide choice of matchings overcomes the local gastronomic traditions of the area of production.

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