Brunello di Montalcino is a clear, bright, garnet red wine with a strong persistent ethereal scent. You can single out traces of undergrowth, aromatic wood, small fruits, light vanilla and mixed jam. This wine tastes elegant, harmonious, strong, dry, persistent and spicy showing its origin.
Brunello improves during the years, even if it is difficult to establish how long it has to mature: at least ten and maximum thirty or longer. It depends on the year of production. It has to be preserved following some rules: at a constant temperature, in lying bottles in a fresh, quiet and odourless cellar. This elegant, harmonious, full-bodied wine matches with complex course , such as red meat, game and wild fowl, better if combined with mushrooms and truffles.
Brunello matches also with matured cheese, Parmesan, Tuscan Pecorino and with international courses based on meat or elaborate sauces.

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